Lyrics and Music by Babyface and Toni Braxton, Vocals by Toni Braxton.




I heard he sang a lullaby,

I heard he sang it from his heart.

When I found out, thought I would die,

Because that lullaby was mine.

Blair looked around the loft one last time, imprinting the memories upon his heart. For three years this had been his home, and now he was leaving. Not because Jim had kicked him out.... After the incident with Alex, they had come to an understanding about that. But they hadn't said anything about one or the other voluntarily walking away. Maybe somewhere inside they knew this day would come.

I heard he sealed it with a kiss,

He gently kissed her cherry lips.

I found that so hard to believe,

Because his kiss belonged to me.

The really pathetic thing was that he had introduced the two of them. "Jim, this is my friend, Roseanna. Rose, this is my best friend, Jim Ellison."

From there had come the occasional dates, a long weekend, and he could see that Jim was falling.... He wanted to be happy for his friend, needed to be happy for him. But it just hurt so much to see Jim...with someone else.

How could an angel break my heart?

Why didn't he catch my falling star?

I wish I didn't wish so hard,

Maybe I wished our love apart.

How could an angel break my heart?

Perhaps it was his own fault. He'd never let Jim know how he felt about him, had continued to date the "table legs", fill up the little black book.... Why? Because he wasn't sure what Jim's reaction would be, and he didn't want to risk losing the friendship they had. Because of Alex's games, and the sentinel directive that had pulled Jim closer and closer to her, sentinel and guide had faltered, but had survived-- stronger, more sure of who they were and how much they meant to each other. Jim had sent his spirit after him, pulling him back from the other side. And a vision had let Jim know where, and who, his light was. To risk that on the chance of mere physical satisfaction.... He couldn't. He hadn't.

And now he was losing it anyway.

I heard her face was white as rain,

Soft as a rose that blooms in May.

He keeps her picture in a frame,

And when he sleeps he calls her name.

She was beautiful, and fun, and if she had been with anyone else, he could have possibly loved her. She had given Jim a framed picture of herself for Valentine's Day. He had seen it by Jim's bed when he'd brought up the laundry...and when Jim had fallen asleep on the couch, he had awakened him with a light touch, and Jim had murmured her name. That was when he had known that it was time to move on. To cut his losses before he drowned in them....

I wonder if she makes him smile,

The way he used to smile at me.

I hope she doesn't make him laugh,

Because his laugh belongs to me.

The memories were everywhere. Every item in the loft had a story to tell. A popcorn fight on the sofa. A near disaster as he toppled from a ladder hanging a tapestry. A hand slapping the table at news of case gone wrong. A stupid joke shared as breakfast was prepared.... He loved to see that smile of Jim's, so rare in the beginning, then making regular appearances. And his laugh, a sound he always shared, even if the joke was at his own expense.

Oh, my soul is dying, it's crying

I'm trying to understand.

Please help me....

Blair placed the plain white envelope on the table, picked up his bags, and walked out.

Leaving behind the pieces of his heart....

How could an angel break my heart?

Why didn't he catch my falling star?

I wish I didn't wish so hard,

Maybe I wished our love apart.

How could an angel break my heart?

The End