Because of what occurs in the comic book world of Superman, some seem to think it's inevitable that Smallville's Clark Kent/Superman and Lex Luthor will become bitter enemies. I disagree. Why? It has to do with "initial conditions". There's a wonderful Clex story called The Butterfly Effect by The Spike which explains this better than I can, but basically I'm talking about the Chaos Theory. Simply put, if you shatter a piece of glass, how it shatters depends on what you start with--the type of glass, the amount of force used, the angle of force, etc. Now substitute "life" for "glass" and you get the picture (I know there are clearer explanations and way more parts to the theory, but this is how *I* understand it).

So how does this relate to Lex Luthor? In the comic books, according to the alt.comics.superman FAQ:

Alexander "Lex" Luthor was one of the most powerful humans on Earth, but Lex derived his power from money and influence rather than super powers. At age thirteen, he arranged for his parents' death to gain the life insurance money, and it was not long before he took over his first company. From there, he used his intellect to rise to ownership of many other companies and found LexCorp International.

Those are the initial conditions of Comicbook!Lex. Raised on the "bad" end of Metropolis. Poor. Killed his parents for the seed money to start his empire.

These are the initial conditions of Smallville!Lex:

The privileged son of a billionaire who loved his ailing mother and has a grudging respect for his father. And although Lionel will never be a candidate for Father of the Year, Lex has never been alone in the world. Lionel was always there to bail him out and/or punish him.

Comicbook!Lex is a thirteen-year-old parent-killer. Smallville!Lex is a twenty-one year old businessman with a beloved deceased mother, a father he desperately wants to impress, and a friend named Clark Kent. The two of them can't possibly end up at the same endpoint. Smallville!Lex may end up evil, but it won't be the same evil as Comicbook!Lex.

So why should he end up evil at all?

Just my theory.

And I'm sticking to it.

Thanks for listening to this rant.