Author's Notes:

This is another list-derived story. There was the question of what Methos would or wouldn't eat (assuming he had a choice; we agreed that in the five thousand years there were often times when he didn't have any choices). Jello was one of the items in question and this story was born.




Duncan stared in horror at the parfait glass on Methos' tray. "You''re not going to eat that, are you?"

"Why yes. That's why I--oh, sorry--you paid for it."

"It's...Jello," Duncan finally managed to say, disgust dripping from every J-E-L-L- and O.

"But it's blue," Methos replied happily.

"And that makes a difference?"

"Think about it, MacLeod. This is the most technological age I've ever experienced. Information that would have taken months to collect is now literally at your fingertips. Find a good search engine, type, and voila, you have what you're looking for. We have telvisions and satellite dishes and digital this and digital that. We not only discovered the atom, but separated it and harnessed it's power. It's truly amazing."

Duncan nodded enthusiastically. "And this has what to do with that stuff on your tray?"

Methos smiled. "With all the knowledge to be had, with all the advances in health care to be made, with all the solutions we need for cleaner energy...what do they come up with? Blue Jello." He speared a quivering blue chunk and popped it into his mouth. "Life is good, Mac."

Duncan just stared at him for a long moment as he devoured the entire glass of the horrid blue stuff. At that very moment, he knew he would never understand the man that had firmly taken hold of his heart. But at least he'd found something to give the old man the next time he woke up in a foul mood.

Blue Jello.

Good thing he loved him.