This is the sequel to Track 4: Queen Of The Night.

Written by L.A. Reid and Babyface. Vocals by Whitney Houston.




From the moment I saw you,

I went out of my mind,

Though I never believed in

Love at first sight.

But you got a magic, boy,

That I just can't explain.

Jim Ellison stood at the top of the stairs, and sentinel sight cut through the darkness to stare at the figure reposed on his bed. Compact, but solid; hairy, but soft; very, very male, but very, very sexy.... And mine, he added to the picture. Finally.

"Jim, man, you just gonna stand there all night?" Blair teased, then stiffened as a thought struck him. "Hey, you haven't zoned or anything, have you?"

"On your beauty?" Jim laughed softly, not moving. "Nah, not yet, Chief."

The younger man relaxed. "Then what are you doing way over there, while I'm here in this big bed of yours, alone?"

"I'm mentally mapping your body."

Blair thought about that for a second and shivered. Whatever Jim did, Jim did thoroughly. If the sentinel was making a map of his body, then he was cataloging everything-- every hollow, every scar, every pointy thing that was becoming even more pointy as he thought about the eyes raking over him. "Damn, baby, I'm about to come on your stare alone. Mind if I turn on the lamp so I can join the game?"

"Let me." The light beside the bed popped on. Its wattage was dim in deference to Jim's sensitive sight.

"Shit, Jim! How did you...." One second Jim had been across the room, and the next.... "My very own jungle cat," he murmured. "Sleek and stealthy, magnificent and powerful."

"And lethal," Jim added, as he straddled Blair's, staying on all fours so that there was no body contact. "How does it feel to be trapped by such an animal, Chief?" He adjusted his knees so that the inside of his thighs gripped Blair's hips. "Knowing that you are at my mercy?" He dipped his body until their bellies rubbed together, then used his corded strength to pull back. "Knowing that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, however way I want, and there's nothing you can do about it?" Blair moved his arms as if he was planning on showing Jim how wrong he was, but powerful hands clasped on his wrists, holding him still. Jim continued to talk.

"And you want to know why you can't do anything about it? Because I'm the predator and you're my prey, Chief. For years I have stalked you, learning your patterns of behavior, gaining the ability to know how you will react, before you even know. I have sniffed you, memorizing your earthy scent, the musk you exude when something is to your liking." He lowered his head and his nostrils flared. "And right now, something is very much to your liking, yes?" Blair nodded, not having the strength for speech. How the hell was Jim doing this? Turning him on without so much as a kiss?

"I have listened to your furtive movements, the way you breathe, the beat of your heart. And when you didn't know it, Chief, I have tasted you-- laying a kiss on your forehead when you were sick, a touch of my tongue to your wrist as I waited for you to regain consciousness, my lips to your neck as you trembled beneath me as danger passed close by." The anthropologist whimpered as he remembered those times, never knowing how near his goal was. He'd always thought Jim was beyond his reach. If only....

"That's right, Chief, 'if only'," Jim said, and only then did Blair realize he had spoken aloud. "But that's okay, because the predator is ever patient. We know that timing is everything." He nuzzled against his partner's neck, then moved up to his ear, his tongue tracing the delicate organ, then flicking in and out of the interior.

"Jim?" Blair rasped.

"Yes, my prey?"

"You're uh, uh, tongue-fucking my ear, man."


A tremor shot through his body. "And I'm liking it...more than I ever imagined it would."

"That's because I know your body better than you do. You study mankind, but I study particular man."

"Me?" Blair squeaked as Jim nipped a particular area on his earlobe.


Well, you gotta, you gotta way

That you make me feel

I can do, I can do anything for you, baby.

I''ll be down for you, baby,

Lay all my cards out tonight.

Just call on me, baby,

I'll be there in a hurry.

It's your move, so, baby,

Baby, decide.

"I want you, Blair."

"Look around you, Jim. You have me."

"But for how long? Tell me now...while I still have a chance to protect my heart." A lie, he thought to himself. His heart had succumbed to this man years ago.

Smoky blue eyes met sky blue ones. "How about forever, Jim? Is that long enough?"

"It's a start." He cautiously lowered his body on top of his partner, careful not to crush, but fitting them together tightly. "I can feel what this is doing to you," he whispered.

"No shit, man. A quadriplegic could feel what this is doing to me." The thought that it was Jim's cock pressing into his thigh was an "uplifting" experience.

"But could he feel your blood surging beneath your skin? Feel the muscles constricting at the base of each hair as the bristles stand at alert, eager for more and more sensory input? Could he feel the sweat as it makes its way from gland to skin, giving your body a glistening sheen that makes me just want to--" He slithered down the slick body. For someone who complained about the cold, Blair could heat up when necessary. His legs were off the bed as he slid to a stop. He grinned at the treat quivering in his face. "Did someone say, 'Dinner time?" he queried. It quivered even faster.

Blair closed his eyes, preparing for Jim's touch, the scrape of his teeth. But there was nothing. He cracked open a lid and gazed down at himself and gasped at the sight of Jim's mouth so very, very close. "Oh, God, you're toying with me, aren't you, Jim?"

"Of course I am, love. That's what we pussies do."

Whatever you want from me,

I'm giving you everything,

I'm your baby tonight.

You've given me ecstasy,

You are my fantasy,

I'm your baby tonight.

"You're taking this cat analogy too far, man," Blair said, wondering why he couldn't catch his breath. Then he realized it was because he was too busy focusing on Jim's breath-- the wisps of air being blown on his cock. "Prick tease," he nearly shouted.

"Was that an order?" Jim's tongue shot out and licked the drops of liquid that had formed on the swollen head. "Nice appetizer." Blair groaned. Jim opened his mouth and started to engulf him. Then he pulled back. "I don't know about this. I'm not sure we've been properly introduced."

A fist sank fingers into his hair. "Jim, for a quiet man, you sure as hell talk too much. I think you know each other. It's been shoved up your ass, remember?"

"Oh! We hadn't come face to face before so I wasn't...forgive me. How are you, Richard?"

Blair was close to screaming. Jim was so close.... "Who the hell is Richard?"

Jim shrugged. "I guess I could call him by his nickname. Hi, Dick." He slid the whole organ into his mouth and down his throat, way down his throat.

From the second you touched me,

I was ready to die,

I've never been fatal,

You're my first time.

I feel like an angel,

Who just started to fly.

Blair wasn't sure what he should be doing: Laughing at this surprisingly whimsical Jim, moaning because of the exquisite agony he was in, or panicking because this man going down on him was Jim-- his partner, his roommate, his friend, his sentinel. In the end he did all of these things, and more.

When the world around him settled down to its normal spin, he managed to croak out an, "You are an incredibly talented man, Mr. Ellison."

Jim moved up his body to kiss him...and Blair tasted himself in Jim's mouth. "If you think I'm talented, wait until you meet the president."

"Oh, baby, we're going to do some serious reevaluating of you in the morning," Blair mumbled, running his tongue across Jim's lips. "Who is the president?"

"Richard Nixon."

Blair figured he didn't want to know, but couldn't stop himself from asking. "Who?"

"Better known as Tricky Dicky."

Oh, shit, Blair groaned. I should have seen that one coming. Coming.... He giggled, realizing Jim was hauling him along on this surreal journey. "Is that Tricky Dicky I feel pressing into my belly?"

"Uh huh. Give me a minute, and I'll tell you a little about him. He'll be more friendly that way, and you want him friendly, don't you, baby?" Blair nodded. "While I find what I'm looking for, why do you turn over onto your stomach, love?"

Blair did as asked, frowning as he saw the tube of KY jelly that Jim retrieved from his nightstand. "What the hell are you doing with that? You been doing some other man up here? I'll kill the son of a bitch!"

Jim ran his hand along the heaving back. "Shh, love! It's okay. No man's been here but you. This is left over from my last physical. Had to do an enema before the rectal, and I sorta had trouble with the nozzle."

Blair relaxed. "Why didn't you tell me, Jim? I would have helped."

"Uh, it wouldn't have been a nozzle I wanted in me if you had been involved."

"And if I had been involved, you probably would have met up with Mr. Dick a long time before now," Blair agreed, laughing into Jim's pillow. The laughter stopped as he felt Jim's hands on his buttocks, the tender way they were spread, the cleft stroked and lubed. The gel was warm, and he knew Jim had done that deliberately, making sure that what touched his skin was to his liking. "You treat me so fine, baby."

"You should be worshiped, love. Will you let me do that?"

A finger dipped inside, joined by another that stretched him, gently preparing him. "Tricky Dicky's going to do me slow?"

"Tricky Dicky's going to do you right."

Well, you gotta, gotta way that

You make me feel I can, I can

Do anything for you, baby

I will fly for you, baby,

Hold on and enjoy the ride.

I'm not in no hurry,

We can fly all night, baby,

It's your move, now, baby,

Baby, let's fly!

Jim urged Blair up on his knees and leaning over him, licked him from the base of his neck to the back of his balls. "If I'm the cat, why are you purring?" he asked casually.

Blair backed up against him. "Just shut up and fuck me."

"My, my, are we getting impatient?" He reached around and stroked the front of him, surprised that his partner was already hard. "Your recuperative powers are amazing, Blair. I had no idea."

"And I had no idea you were such a tease, man. And for your information, I have never recovered so quickly my whole life. Even when I was sixteen-- What the hell was that, man!" he yelped as pure pleasure raced along his spine and exploded in his head.

"Something I learned in the Army," Jim explained, raising his head to smile ferally at Blair. "Some of us took 'be all that you can be' seriously."

As soon as the colors stopped popping beneath his eyes lids, Blair sighed. "Where do I sign up, man?"

"They'd make you cut your hair."

"Guess I'll just have to benefit from your tutelage."

"I'll do my best."

"I'm sure you will." Silence. "Jim? You gonna fuck me or what?"

Before the last word left his mouth, he felt pressure, which grew almost painfully, until the ring of muscles was penetrated and Jim filled him up. Literally. "Oh, man. This is definitely an historic moment."

"Speaking of history," Jim said as he drew an internal map of Blair and backed out of the tight sheath enclosing him. "Our president, the one we were speaking of earlier--"

"Tricky Dicky," Blair supplied, the name coming out as a sigh as Jim's hard flesh made contact with a pretty sensitive spot.

"Ah, you remember him, hmm. He became famous because of a break-in at a hotel called Watergate. His men penetrated an office." He emphasized this with a timely thrust which buried him deep into Blair. "And they searched around for evidence." He wriggled for example, making sure to hit all the "hot" spots on the map. "Then they took out what they'd found." He withdrew, then plunged in again. Blair nearly screamed. "There were tapes of our president making dirty deals. Really dirty deals." He pumped in and out, just to make sure his partner knew just how dirty it could get. "But he forgot to get rid of the tapes, and men appeared to put the squeeze on him." A hand went out to grab Blair's already dripping penis. It slid up and down in the tight fist. "They lined up to screw him. The whole fucking Congress. " The sentinel started losing control himself as Blair squirmed around him, the Guide's muscles contracting to the rhythm his sentinel had set.

The rest of his words were lost as he gave into the pleasure ripping through both their bodies. Vaguely, he was aware Blair came in a rush, his hot seed shooting out to coat his hand. Then Jim was toppling, his own seed pouring into the familiar body of his partner, his friend...his lover. In his last conscious moment, he turned them both onto their sides, then sank gratefully into darkness.

Whatever I do, boy

It's all about you, baby

And ain't it the truth, boy,

I'm helplessly in love with you.

What else can I do, boy

But be there for you, baby.

You gotta, gotta way that

You make me feel I can, I can

Do any, do anything , yeah!

"Jim? Baby?" Blair asked when he felt the man behind him stir. He had regained his senses only moments before, reaching up to douse the light so it wouldn't bother the exhausted sentinel.

"Yes, love?"

"I can never take another modern history class. The first we discuss Nixon, man, I'd be so gone."

"Sorry to limit your educational opportunities."

"Limit, hell. I've learned so much tonight.... I'll never be limited again, man."

"Glad I could be of help."

Blair turned to face his lover. "You're back, huh?"


"Terse, precise, always to the point Jim Ellison."

"That's who I am, Chief."

"That's not who was in my bed tonight."

"Your bed?"

"Our bed. Yes?"

Jim drew him closer. "Yes."

Looks like I'm fatal

It's all on the table, and, baby, you hold the cards.

You got the magic, and I've got to have it.

I don't want the pieces, I want every single part.

Blair pressed a kiss against the strength which cradled him so tenderly. "The man who made love to me tonight, who fucked my brains to mush, to be precise, was quite talkative, and charming, and whimsical, and adorable, and his words did just as much to turn me on as his body did. I knew your mouth, Jim, would be incredible. I just didn't know how much. I love the man who took me tonight. And I love the man I live with. And everything he is in between." Their kiss was slow and thoroughly.

"One more thing about Tricky Dicky I think you should know, Chief?" Jim whispered into the hair of the man he loved.

"What's that, baby?"

"Every time he was kicked down, he always came back for more."

Blair smiled and snuggled closer. "My kind of man. But it doesn't mean I'm ever going to vote Republican."

"That's okay, lover. I only want you pulling my lever anyway."

"I love you, Jim."

"And I love you, Blair. Now shut up and go to sleep."

And to Jim's surprise, Blair did just that.

I'll be your angel, I'm ready and able.

Whatever you want is fine.

Whenever you're ready, just call on me, baby,

And I'll be your baby tonight.

The End