See the pyramids along the Nile,
Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle.
Just remember, darling, all the while,
You belong to me.

"You know this isnít anything personal. I mean, yes, it is personal because you and me are, well, personal now. But it doesnít have anything to do with you. You didnít do anything wrong. Itís me, okay? Iím the one who's so fucked up inside that I have to get away, move around, whatever.

"I donít want to leave you. But I canít stay and really and truly, I understand why you canít leave. And see, thatís the thing. It wouldnít be right for you to come along just to be with me anyway, because this isnít about being with someone or not being with someone. This is about the need for movement, the skin-crawling, spine-tingling, gut-wrenching need to connect with something. But I donít know what the something isÖor where it is."

See the marketplace in old Algiers,
Send me photographs and souvenirs.
But remember when a dream appears,
You belong to me.

"Maybe I come from a wandering people and, while I might not have their genes, I have their mindset. I can stay settled for a while, but then I have to move--not forever--and I have always been able to settle back in the same spot when I returnÖif that spot still remains.

"Iíll send you postcards or something, so that you know Iím well--and thinking of you. God, Duncan, if anyone could keep me from having to do this, it would be you. But itís just not possible. There are just periods in my life when I have to travel with the wind, despite what I might be leaving behind."

Iíll be so alone without you,
Maybe youíll be lonesome, tooÖand blue

"Iíve gotten use to you, Highlander, and I--damn it, Iím sorry it took so long to say this--I love you, Duncan. I know you know that, but Iíve never said it because I knew that one day Iíd have to walk away from you and I didnít want it to be harder than necessary. But itís already as hard as it can be, so I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.

"Iím happy here--hell, anywhere with you. I donít know why I have this need. I donít know why IímÖbroken like this. But I love you, and I want to come back to you, if youíll have me. But if things have changed by the time I return, Iíll understand. Thereíll be no trouble from me. Iím very good at fading into the background, as you very well know.

"Well, my plane leaves in a couple of hours and you know how long the lines can be for an international flight. Guess I got everything I need. You donít mind holding onto the rest, right? And if it does get in the way, just rent some storage space and leave the key with Joe if you- if you donít want me around or something. Do you want to drive me- No. Maybe itís best I take a cab. None of those weepy airport goodbyes for two manly men like us, right?

"Fuck, Duncan, wonít you please say something? Anything?"

Fly the ocean in a silver plane,
Watch the jungle when itís wet with rain.
Just remember till youíre home againÖ

"Take a later flight."

You belong to me.

The End

You Belong To Me, sung by The Duprees